February 8, 2023

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Crypto News: DeFi Censorship, Sanctions & Crypto, The Fed & More!!

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โ–บ List of Companies Sanctioning Russia:
โ–บ Centralized Exchanges Refuse To Ban Regular Russian Users:
โ–บ Metamask and Opensea Enforce Sanctions:
โ–บ Elon Musk Commits To Free Speech With Starlink:
โ–บ Bitconnect Founder Disappears:
โ–บ Swiss City Adopts USDT:
โ–บ Food And Energy Prices Surge:


0:00 Intro
2:22 Cut Out By Corporations
4:31 Exchange Exceptions
7:16 Whatโ€™s In Your Web3 Wallet?
10:13 Starlink And Censorship
12:46 Bitconnect Founder Disconnects
15:12 USDT In Every Country
17:50 Inflation In Every Nation
20:20 Market Forecast
23:00 Outro


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